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Forum Rules

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:07 pm
by NanoDesu
The following are the posting rules for this forum. Please read these rules carefully before posting.

The content of any post that violates the rules will either be edited or deleted. The user will be either warned or banned (temporarily or permanently) depending on the severity of the offense. Repeated minor offenses may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Posting Rules

  • Do not make image heavy posts. Limit images to one embedded image per post to convey your point unless absolutely necessary.
    • Hiding images in a spoiler tag doesn't help to save bandwidth.
  • Unless explicitly allowed (e.g. a Japanese practice thread), all posts are to be in English. Also, please minimize use of obscure slang and abbreviations (e.g. instead of writing "AFAIK," write out "as far as I know.")
  • No flaming.
    • If you see flaming, report it. Do not respond to flaming with more flaming, since you can also be banned for it.
  • Censor profanity (e.g. f*ck sh*t). This includes pictures too.
  • No racism or sexism.
    • We are a international translation group, comprised of men and women of all colors and creeds from all around the worlds, so there is a strict zero tolerance policy towards racism and sexism.
    • Political and religious issues are allowed, but only in polite discussion and in the appropriate forum. These topics will be watched closely and any perceived inappropriate behavior will be quickly clamped down on, and the responsible parties appropriately warned or banned.
  • No discussion of illegal activities. This includes but is not limited to asking for links to download raws or fan translations of licensed material (anime, manga, light novels, visual novels, etc.).
  • No posting of spoilers without the use of spoiler boxes. A spoiler is defined as any significant plot element that affects the course of the story or the fate of a character.
    • Suggestive foreshadowing, such as "Wait until you see what happens to X character next chapter!" counts as a spoiler.
    • Minor details are allowed outside of spoiler boxes, but please err on the side of caution. If you think something has a chance of being a spoiler, then put it in a spoiler box.
  • No harassing translators for faster updates. Repeated offenses of this rule WILL land you a permanent ban.
    • Do not ask when chapters will be released. The translators translate in their own pace, this means that the translation pace will be different for every project.
  • Do not post threads asking to donate to our group. We do not accept donations.
  • Absolutely no 18+ images or links to 18+ images. However, discussion of works with 18+ content (e.g. visual novels) is allowed in the appropriate forum, provided that the discussion is kept MATURE (i.e. BE REASONABLE and do not be explicit).
  • Do not post trivial, short posts devoid of content. Examples include:
    • I agree.
    • OK.
    • I see.
  • Do not create trivial, pointless threads. Examples include:
    • Who are you?
    • What kind of food do you like?
    • Where do you live?
    • An exception will be made for forum games in the "General Discussion" forum.
  • One user, one account. The use of more than one account by a single user, or the use of the same account by more than one user is strictly forbidden.
    • If you want to change your user name, contact a global moderator or administrator.
    • Double accounts will be merged, removed or permanently banned without warning.
  • Do not cross post (i.e. posting the same thread on multiple forums).
  • Only post responses in the appropriate thread. Refrain from posting irrelevant or off-topic responses.
    • If you feel you posted your response in the incorrect thread and/or forum, contact a moderator to move your post. DO NOT post a duplicate message in the appropriate thread.
  • Refrain from holding personal conversations between members in the public forum.
    • If you want to talk with one of our members PM him/her. In the case you would like to speak with staff, just join us on our IRC channel at #nanodesu on Rizon.
  • Do not advertise your own products, services and/or events.
    • You are not allowed to post any URL that links to a site that offer services, products and/or events to which you are affiliated.
  • Do not attempt to solicit any other forum members.
    • Under no circumstances are you permitted to solicit our members for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to referrals, subscriptions, registrations and signatures (electronic or otherwise). In general this means:
      • Do not post links that contain referrer tracking ids.
      • Do not post links to sites where remuneration is offered for referrals.
      • Do not post links where our members are asked to register for something.
      • Do not post petitions of any kind.
        • Examples include "army building" games like "Outwar" and "Kings of Chaos", promotional sites like "free iPods" and petitions like those found at "Petition Online."
      • Members breaking this rule will be banned without warning.
  • In case of any doubt. contact a moderator or an administrator and they will gladly help you.
    • Be patient; we will be checking the forums daily and will try to solve any problems as quickly as possible, but it can take some time.

Remember to report any signs of power abuse or violation of these rules!