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Re: [On-Going] Bubble

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:57 pm
by Superal
I've honestly been inactive for too long on here, so I guess it's time to log in more often. :P I've been writing this part since October but never wrote more than a few lines every month; anyway, here I am now.

Chapter 2-2:
(Sup's POV)

We stepped in the abbot's office, Rob first, Allie and I following suit. The abbot was sitting on his black desk chair and his appearance was that of a mafioso: black suit and tie, his scarce greyish white hair neatly brushed on the side, a firm and sombre look on his face and, between two of his fingers, a long cigar that wasn't even lit up. His fingers were thick; those were hitting on the table rhythmically, one after the other, and the sound it produced was that of a drove of horses galloping. On his desk were scores of folders scattered. Yellow ones, blue ones. Black ones. Albeit being the only colors to be found in the room, those folders failed to produce any soothing to the lead-heavy atmosphere floating in the air.

I checked my watch in order to avoid the abbot's glaring at me. 1:33 PM. The sun was high, but the room was eerie: barely any light passed through the window, for obscure reasons. Talking about his glare, it was piercing. You would not want to earn his disdain; this guy could probably make you disappear from Earth-Beta—and from the galaxy altogether—by snapping his fingers.

I noticed him slightly pulling his chin upward, giving off the impression of evaluating our worth. Then, he started to smile at us—wait!? S-smile? This guy can do that?

I looked next to me and saw that Allie was looking at Rob, while Rob was looking at me looking at Allie. We were all dumbfounded, wondering if today's breakfast had given us any collective hallucinations—but no, he was smiling.

“Hi, hi! Everyone!” said the abbot.

His voice is high-pitched, what the...?


“So, so! How are you guys? Had a good sleep in my personal guest room? Wahaha!”

“Is this Misha from Katawa Shoujo?(1)” I murmured, which made Allie and Rob laugh.

“Hey, hey! What is it? I wanna laugh too!”

“H-hum... nothing... I mean, huh, you looked sterner than you actually... are,” I said.

“My, my! I'm here to welcome you as my friends! do not be shy! Wahaha!”

Suddenly, it felt like the room lit up; not that it got less gloomy, but the cheerfulness of Sir Misha (assumed name) sparkled.

“Okay, okay! What are your names?”



“Stupid,” said Allie, pointing at me.

“Sup', Sup'!” I said, flustered. I was sounding a bit like Sir Misha, getting all pumped up and repeating things twice.

“Great, great! Annie, Robe and Stupid! Marvelous!”

I looked maliciously at Allie and told her, ignoring how I was called ‘stupid’: “Serves you right, Annie.”

“My name's Kuro! Great, great! I'm sure we'll be good friends in a matter of no time!”

“Looking forward to knowing you, Sir Kuro,” answered Rob while bowing politely.

Allie and I followed suit andid notd bowed as well.

“Hey, hey! No need to be this polite, okay?” he said while agitating both hands in front of him, waving left and right. We nodded in agreement.

“So, you wanted us to come here. What for, if I may ask?”

“You bear your name well, Stupid! Wahaha! I just wanted to see you guys. Oh, and also assign you jobs to get you accustomed to how things work here, bit by bit.”

He then went on chattering about how he was the boss here, how the people here at the Thirds needed arms for field and armory work and how we could help, and he concluded by assigning us to new occupations.

“Stupid, you look like you have good legs, so you'll work as a delivery man,” he said. “Annie, you will work in the wheat field just up north from here and Robe will work at the armory.”

“Do you people still wear armor?” interjected Rob(e), perplexed.

“No, no! Wahaha! We call it an armory, but what they actually do there is taking care of the LethGuns and anti-thermic suits.”

“LethGuns? Do you have them too?” I asked.

“Yes, yes! Wahaha! We just do not use them when we attack, since we would just lose them in the end!” Kuro explained.
Afterward, before letting us go, he told us that we would start working the day after and that, if we needed help of any kind, we could come and visit him.

“But... we're supposed to stay hidden, right? Then why are we to take up work all of a sudden?” Rob asked.

“I have my contacts at the field, at the armory, and at the delivery office. They won't ask questions about who you are, and people won't either. It's bad manners. Wahaha.”

His laughter was, this time, less energetic, but I did not pry any further. He motioned us to leave with his right hand, harboring a wry smile. We three bowed to him and eventually left.

We crossed the academy once again with the intention of taking a shower and changing clothes. Near the walls of the different halls that we roamed were big plants in dark blue pots and bookshelves with doors, adorned with golden round handles that made them look like closets. One of the monks wandering amid the halls opened a bookshelf and picked up a book on the upper shelf. He perused the document while we walked behind him. I could see his gray beard peeking out of his black robe that had white stripes at the seams. All the monks here wore such robes and it startled me to see such peculiar clothing. The robes were long and gave them a presence that was hard to ignore.

As I was thinking about all that, I did not pick up Allie's question.

“Sup'? So?”

“Oh... sorry, I was thinking of something else. What did you say?”

Allie pouted and looked away, crossing her arms.

“You never listen to me anyway,” she moaned.

“That's because you have nothing interesting to say,” Rob intervened.

I couldn't help giggling, but that did not please Allie.

“Now, come on! What did you say?”

“I wanted to hear... no, to know if... well, you see... do you think working separately is a good idea?”

So unclear.

“Separately?” Rob and I said at the same time.

“Yeah, like... one at the field, one at the armory and the other delivering stuff,” she explained.

“I do not mind, really,” I answered. I glanced at the corridor crossing the hall and saw many monks walking toward us and away from us. The sight of them commuting was that of a highway, for their circulation was orderly yet personal, some walking slowly, others looking like they were in a hurry. It made me think that those monks each had their own tasks to accomplish and I wondered what their final goal was. Perhaps they were all working under the yoke of some chief—maybe the abbot—that made them do very important research about a certain topic. Perhaps those monks were actually pundits or very enlightened scientists.

“Anyway, we cannot do anything about it, can we?” I asked. Nobody answered, but they knew I was right. We kept on walking silently until we reached our room and Allie went and showered first in the common bathroom for guests. Afterward, Rob and I showered and we went back to our room with new clothes the abbot had given us.

(1)Shiina Mikado (alias Misha) is a character from Katawa Shoujo, a Visual Novel about girls with disabilities. Misha presumably has ears issues, which leads her to talking with a high-pitched and cheerful voice, laughing a lot.